Digital education as a support for economic inclusion of gender in Mexico

Alfabetización digital para la igualdad de género

AMDETIC, is an academic organization whose purpose is to promote the digitization of Mexico, through inclusive development and national and international innovation, within the framework of the Information and Knowledge Society in the Digital Age, with multidisciplinary approach, fostering a culture of Human Rights and digital ethics.

#ConTICgo: Help women in Mexico have more and better skills and competences in this digital world through a campaign of awareness and digital literacy actions thus contribute to inclusive growth, gender equality and sustainable development.

Mexican Internet users declared to use the network, mainly for general information (88.7 percent), as a communication tool (84.1 percent), to access audiovisual content (76.6 percent) and to access social networks (71.5 percent)

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1. Creation of a group of experts and stakeholders in the analysis of the gender gap and promoting equality and digital inclusion.

2. Promote the generation of contents that promote the use of technologies (ICTs) and the development of skills and competencies that contribute to the implementation and achievement of the Objectives of Sustainable Development (UN)

3. Contribute to the diagnosis, implementation and evaluation of actions and public and legislative policies regarding gender equality and digital literacy.

4. Assist in the education sector and contribute to public and private initiatives for digital education

5. Analyze the acquired knowledge not only in ICT, but through ICT, to encourage the creation of effective training programs.

6. To promote the use of ICT in the workplace to promote telework and telecommuting in the public and private sectors, with a human rights perspective.

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1. Relevance

Performing digital education campaigns focused on women, will promote development in the national economy.

2. Aims & Objectives

The development of programs of literacy and digital education to women for them to exploit the technological possibilities will achieve insertion and economic development, broadening the knowledge society, thus contributing to the objectives of the Digital National Strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals.

3. Methods

Development of digital education programs, basic management and file transfer package for groups of 15 women.

4. Results

Promoting access to women, of labor sources that allow them to generate incomes.

5. Conclusions

Building focused programs on digital education, with a gender perspective, will encourage more countries to develop programs.

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Anahiby B. /Sandra R.